The Kingdom Is Now

Some of you have probably noted we have a new blog address and a new blog theme, while all the old archived posts remain. To update you all, here is the news.

Those who have been following my blog have probably noticed that I haven’t written much the past few months, save one or two blogs every couple of weeks or months. The seasons have been shifting, and along with that, has come the reality that I have been moving with it to the best of my ability. Contrary to what we often talk about, transitions and new seasons can be very difficult. Such has been true for me through this time. I have spent so many years of my ministry and my life in general trying to make what I did acceptable to people who were never going to receive it. In the effort to fit in, I often avoided certain topics in preaching and writing and sometimes didn’t say or do something I otherwise might have said or done. It led to attracting all the wrong people and frustrating myself as I tried to make what I did fit in and compete with a huge pool of candidates who were all doing the same thing.

About a year ago, I announced a general reorganization of my ministry to those who were a part of it and closest to it. I spent a lot of time structuring our subsidiary organizations, but didn’t focus much on the main ministry. The reason for this is simple: it was obvious to me what needed to change about those other things, but it wasn’t so obvious what needed to change about the ministry. This all changed recently, as I embraced new people who proved to me that the structure and purpose I have sought all these years to properly implement can, and does, work if those who come to this work are willing to use it. We continue to expand and make new things available to those who seek them, and continue to grow and structure even better.

Part of the change has to do with our media image. For many years, we’ve been Power For Today. Most don’t know that media image came up because an ex-boyfriend of mine took the branding media name I desired for himself and was quick to use it and reserve a domain name with the term in it. Because of the two of us at the time he had the better technical skills, he was the winner and took off with the media branding I’d desired to use. Power For Today seemed to be a suitable fit at the time – it is catchy and exuded a certain spiritual understanding I desired to have. It was there to make people think about the Kingdom power that exists for right now, right today, in our lives. Thus, Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries’ media image – Power For Today – came into being.

As of a few weeks ago, I realized Power For Today didn’t represent who we are anymore as a media outlet. The work has changed, who we are working with has changed, and while Power For Today is a fine name, it just wasn’t where this ministry was anymore. I prayed about it and the result is where we are today.

Our new media entity (blog, television, radio, podcast, magazine) is now Kingdom Now, as our blog is titled. Our new website will be up soon at, waiting for those who shall discover what they’ve been looking for, for as long as they’ve sought it out. We are here for those who want to genuinely learn how to do ministry right, those who are not readily accepted anywhere else, those who are hurting and ready to put aside church politics that have done more harm than good, and more than anything, who are ready for a new day. Our new logo and seal reflect our change, and say that this is here we are, right now, because the Kingdom of God is within you (Luke 17:20-21).

Welcome to the next phase of the journey. I must say, as hard as the transition has been, I am ready for this new season.

  • Apostle Dr. L.B. Marino